Harvard gsas dissertation completion fellowships

Contact Neal Adolph Akatsuka with questions. Dissertation Completion Fellows are also expected to be in residence throughout the year. Overview Application Instructions Deadline The award allows students to spend a final year dedicated to writing.

These fellowships are intended to encourage scholars to expand their own disciplinary expectations, and to explore the methodologies and practices of disciplines beyond those of their home departments or programs. Applications will be judged by their overall merit, the importance of the topic, the clarity of the proposal, the potential for scholarly contribution, and the likelihood of timely completion.

The dissertation must focus on modern or contemporary Europe roughly — present and students must have completed two draft dissertation chapters and submitted them to the dissertation advisor at the time of application or for students in fields where the dissertation consists of three articles, the existence of one article in draft.

For letters of recommendation, please submit a request to CARAT, which will send a link to faculty members to upload their letter to the system. PhD candidates in years G4 through G6 are welcome to apply; recipients are expected to complete the dissertation in the course of the fellowship year.

Applicants should submit their application and supplementary materials via the CARAT systemincluding 2 letters of recommendation, a transcript, dissertation abstract, and confirmation form indicating completion readiness.

Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Only in exceptional circumstances, does the Center consider applications by doctoral students in law, design, government, and education.

The award provides a stipend plus tuition and health fees for the year. For specific guidelines, visit the GSAS website.

The committee will be interested in proposals that make strong and innovative interdisciplinary connections of a kind not customary within a given discipline. The Fellowships Office is located at: Search Interdisciplinary Dissertation Completion Fellowships The two annual dissertation completion fellowships open to Harvard graduate students and offered by the Mahindra Humanities Center are intended to support work that crosses disciplinary and even divisional boundaries, as for example between literature or art and the natural or social sciences, or between and among the various disciplines of the humanities the history of art, literature, philosophy, linguistics, etc.

The stipend cannot be deferred and must be used within the twelve-month period for which it is awarded. No other employment, beyond serving as an advisor for an undergraduate senior thesis or working as a part—time research assistant, is allowed under the grant, as students are expected to complete their dissertation during the period of the award.Information about Harvard fellowships, including deadlines and how to apply.

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GSAS Dissertation Completion Fellowships. GSAS Graduate Society Summer Predissertation Fellowships.

GSAS DISSERTATION COMPLETION FELLOWSHIPS A dissertation completion fellowship (DCF) is assured to all eligible candidates in Harvard University’s.

Dissertation completion fellowships provide advanced doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences with an academic year of support to write and complete their dissertation. Eligible students in the humanities and social sciences are guaranteed a GSAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship between the G4 and G7 years.

The dissertation fellowships may be used for students at the research or completion stage.


The research fellowships carry term stipends of $10, GSAS students who will be in their completion year in – will be eligible for a stipend equal to the standard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) dissertation completion fellowship.

The GSAS Fellowships Office is a resource for graduate students seeking funding for research support, language study, multiple-year general support and dissertation-writing support. When applying for internal Harvard fellowships, students do not need to submit an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

When submitting after the application deadline, do so directly to the GSAS Fellowships Office, Smith Campus Center (rather than to the department). Dissertation Completion Fellowships. Application and.

Harvard gsas dissertation completion fellowships
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